About Us

The Huntington Y began serving the surrounding community in 1885 solely as an establishment where rooms were rented to visitors. As the Y movement spread across the country and grew in its mission and nature of community involvement, the Huntington Y struggled through the hard times of the First World War and then the Great Depression.

Only by the dedication and mission driven spirit of the volunteers, members, donors, and staff did the Huntington Y survive, while membership growth surpassed 1000. It has been this same spirit that has persisted through the years that has impacted the community and caused the community to give back to the Y. The Huntington Y has since grown to become a very recognized and influential organization within the Huntington community.

The Y is dedicated to nurturing the potential of every child and teen; improving the nation’s health and well-being; and giving back and providing support to our neighbors. At the Y of Huntington, West Virginia, we strive to accomplish this primary goal by providing outstanding service, facilities, and programs. We furnish modern facilities that accommodate all of the fitness, wellness, and family needs of our community.

Our extensive list of programs varies in their focus and provides additional support and guidance in building healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. Member service is of the utmost importance to our Y. We survive by the motto “Our members are the life of our Y.” Our membership is available to individuals of any gender, race, ethnicity, age, cultural or religious background, physical ability, or financial status, and no child will ever be denied the privilege of participation due to financial difficulties.

Throughout the Huntington Y we try to live, teach, and portray the four core values of the Y, which are HONESTY, RESPECT, CARING, and RESPONSIBILITY. Sharing these values with our members through the use of our facilities, participation in our programs and becoming active in the Y movement will strengthen our community and its families, and create a positive environment for our kids to grow and learn.

The membership, programs, and facilities are different and unique to each Y across the country and around the world, but we all share the same five, basic goals: to promote healthy lifestyles; strengthen families; develop youth leadership; broaden international understanding; and, assist in community development. Through the Y movement, we set forth to make a positive impact on the world by reaching one child, one family, and one community at a time. Become a part of this movement and become a Y member and volunteer!

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