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Group Fitness Classes at the Y

Current Group Classes

Due to current Covid-19 guidelines, some classes may be modified or temporarily unavailable. Please call the May Building Welcome Center at 304-525-8127 for more information on available classes.

Class Descriptions


Arthritis Foundation Aquatics / Aqua Arthritis

This class involves movement and stretches designed for people with arthritis. This class takes place in the warm water pool and Instructors are certified by AF.

Basic Step Training

Basic moves, basic patterns a great way for you to have fun & learn Cardio Step.

Barre WRX

Use the Barre in a unique combination of several practices including yoga, ballet barre, Pilates, balls, bands & weighted bars. This class focuses on core strengthening, total body & “booty” toning.


Get fit, ripped & toned with this class. “Explosive Cardio/Superior Strength” Intense Calorie Burner.

Special – 2-hour BOOTCAMP

1-hour Outdoor / 1-hour Indoor – the class is scheduled on selected Saturdays & in good weather conditions.

Sculpt Fusion

A little bit of everything for big results. Intense/interval/cross training workout with lots of fun!



A class setting for Indoor Cycling! What a rush! Cycling classes are offered to all levels and are held in the 4th floor Indoor Cycling Studio.

Express Fitness

A 30 MINUTE workout that’s perfect for anyone. The class could take you from the Floor to the Step or the Bosu to rev up the CARDIO while using the latest Tabata & HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training training techniques; this type of training has been proven to not only torch calories but also enhance your aerobic capacity.

Kettlebell Training

Develop total body strength, power, and endurance with this popular training option. Combine foundational kettle weight lifting with a large number of movements for a goal oriented/Cardio circuit class.

“Lite” Workout

This class is a “lighter” version of our Weighted Workout Class.


A group of exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscle groups. Class flows from one movement to another using your core.

Group TRX

Build a leaner more muscular body with suspension training. Strength training that uses a system of ropes and webbing called a “suspension trainer” to allow you to work against your own body weight.


X-Fit Information

Advanced Fitness Program held exclusive @ the Phil Cline Building. Pick up a current schedule at the Welcome Center.


Step Express

A great cardiovascular/aerobic/dance workout performed by stepping up onto and down from a platform.

Warm Aqua Fitness

This class incorporates cardio moves suited for those needing a warmer climate to enhance the range of motion.

Water Fitness

A “cool” way to get a high-intensity, low-impact workout with no pressure on the joints. Includes resistance Training and CARDIO energizing music and FUN!

Weighted Workout

A class designed to increase muscular strength and endurance as well as flexibility through the use of weights, tubing, balance balls, medicine balls, etc. Total body conditioning!


A relaxing Mind & Body experience that includes whole body stretching and relaxation. Various levels are offered. VINYASA YOGA is offered on Saturday mornings.


A fun Latin-inspired Dance class. This Cardio based class if perfect for all levels of fitness.


For more info contact: Jill Taylor | 304.525.8127 ext. 134 |