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Kids In Motion


Kids In Motion

Kids In Motion is a program designed for kids and teens to exercise and learn about fitness and nutrition as fun experience.

Located at the YMCA in Huntington, WV, the Kids In Motion program is available to kids ages 5-14 in the West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky Tri-State area. The program customizes workouts and classes to fit each individual’s fitness level through pre and post-fitness assessments.


Kid Fit

The Kid Fit program offers children and teens 5 weeks of unique group exercise training with their peers.

Children will experience exercise like never before; through the use of our exergaming equipment and state of the art fitness studio; participants will get the chance to workout in a fun, interactive environment.

Each session includes a trip to Huntington’s Kitchen, nutrition education and a trip to the May Building to swim.

Huntington’s Kitchen 

Huntington’s Kitchen is one of Motion’s wonderful sponsors.

Each session we take the kids to a hands on cooking class.The kids learn about the nutritional benefit of healthy eating and cooking, and the added benefit of getting to cook at home with your family.

Parents are more than welcome to come and watch the kids prepare dinner for the entire family!

Visit Huntington’s Kitchen website

Why choose kids in motion

Kids in Motion is a unique program that uses a holistic approach that focuses on a child or teen’s body, mind, and spirit. No other program in the state of West Virginia focuses on all three aspects.

The exergaming equipment makes exercise fun and interesting! In fact, some children are having so much fun, they don’t even realize the impact it’s having on their health.

Participants have not only changed their children’s habits and lifestyle, but changed their own as well.


Looking for a unique space to host a birthday party, end of season team gathering, or even a staff retreat?

The Kids in Motion studio at the Huntington YMCA is the perfect location to rent and is available for groups of many sizes and all ages!

$200 up to 3 hours (normal operating hours)

$300 up to 3 hours (outside of normal hours)

Call today to find out more or make your reservation.

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